Poetry: Put your heart into what you do

And believe that you would succeed.

For that is the only way to proceed,

In this world full of unpredictability.

The Grammar Nazi

No (good) grammar for you!

Sometimes, I felt like a grammar Nazi. I am very particular with my English grammar. I’d learned a lot about writing in concise and precise manner. I would instinctively checks for the grammar of every word that I read.

Part of the reason for that is because of my work. I get to write a lot of technical e-mails, procedures, and reports as a manufacturing engineer. It is important that I write in a manner that is quick to read and easy to understand.

The other part of the reason is because of my aspiration. I am planning to write technical papers in the future. A good paper requires high quality writing.

Central Banks Cuts Interest – Time to Spend

Time to buy some big ticket items, people.

A New Day

October 6, 2008 was a significant day, in my opinion. It marks the start of 2008 Worldwide Economic Recession. Stocks go down, interest rates go up, and people panic.

Hang in there, everyone. We'll get thru this -- just like last time.