This Movie Rocks: Star Trek

Yup guys, go and see this movie. It rocks. Period.

Six Scenes I Remember From This Movie
1. Kirk beats Kobayashi Maru test
While eating an apple, of course.

2. Kirk mets Spock for the first time
"I have the right to face my accuser"

3. How the Red Shirt died
Poor Olson didn't make it. The funny thing was, it was a red pressure suit.

4. John Cho kicks asses (and saves Kirk)
The Asian guys from Harold and Kumar knows how to sword-fight and pilot star ships. How cool is that? Plus, he saves Kirk's ass.

5. Uhura's First Name
Guess who reveal Uhura's first name. Hint: her boyfriend.

6. Kirk and Spock's gun fight with Romulans
In the final battle, only Kirk and Spock gets beam into the enemy ship.

There are tones of other cool scene like all those ship fights and special effects. This is the best Star Trek movie yet.

The Economy Recession is Finally Over

Wohoo! That's right people, the worst is finally over. We can all breathe normal now. There

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