Only Dumb People Drink Chicken Essence

Some time ago, I often felt lethargic and worn out before the day is over. So, what was the solution for this issue? The first thing that came into my mind was Brand’s Chicken Essence. Why was I thinking of chicken essence? Advertisements, of course. You know how advertisements influence you to buy a product, don’t you.

So I brought and drank chicken essence for a whole month. That’s MYR 6.00 x 30 days = MYR 180.00! What was the result of me drinking chicken essence? Nothing! Zit! Null!

Then, I brought and drank Yomeishu because of those damn advertisements that I saw. Once again, there was no improvement to my lethargic condition.

So what did I try next? Exercise. Then, I learn a lot more about health. Stuffs like the proper techniques to run and build muscles, dieting, and resting. Stuffs like nutrient values and how to get the proper nutrient in the cheapest way possible.

Chicken essence is essentially chicken boil in water without the meat. Won’t I get whatever nutrient that comes with chicken essence if I just eat a piece of chicken? Come to think of it, I eat chicken almost every day. So, why the heck do I even need to drink chicken essence for? Why do I spend MYR 5.00 to 6.00 on a bottle of water boiled with chicken?

The truth is I don’t really believe is any health supplements. The primary reason is because I regard myself as a healthy person and a healthy person shouldn’t be taking any health supplement. Unless you have some medical complication and cannot obtain certain nutrient thru eating, then you should take health supplement. Else, diet properly, rest sufficiently, and exercise three times a week.

I am sorry, you said that you don’t have time to exercise? Well, do you have time to brush your teeth? Bath? Get a haircut? Exercising is a natural part of life. It’s just something that a normal healthy person does routinely. Forfeiting exercising is like forfeiting your health. It’s like not brushing your teeth. If you stop doing it, bad consequences will follow.

Plus, exercising is cheaper than chicken essence.


sonicheroin said...

You made your point,but i guess chicken essence is meant to collect the good of the chicken without the bad in it for you, you can make your own chicken essence soup without all the commercial processing , it might actually improve your health, i really do agree on exercising more

sonicheroin said...
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Unknown said...

Chicken essence has really good effect on me. I dont drink it every day just when I feel I am avout to get sick or sleep deprived. I recommend it for mental boost when you are sleep deprived.

BLeuwinter said...
Study proven for mental fatigue.

Of course you do need to stop caffeine and have 3 x per week exercise.