Movie Review: Avatar

This movie is 99.9% CGI. It puts all other CGI-laden movies to shame. Every moment of this movie looked surreal and awesome. The quality of the special effect is amazingly well done. The special effects were highly detailed and are the best that I have seen so far.

 This is what World of Warcraft looks like 150 years from now

The movie lasted for 3 hours. Imagine that, three hours of freakin CGI porn. Further, the native blue cat people are topless (tastefully concealed most of the time). It's a freakin long movie with freakin naked CGI blue cat people!

 Thunder, thunder, Thundercats!

This is not a Pixar animation. Sure, Pixar animations have occasionally jokes for adults and some adult theme. However, Avatar is totally different. There are no kiddy elements in this movie. You kids might like the CGI, but that's it. Everything else is adult theme. People have sex and die.

  Our mission is to nuke their internet

Story wise, there is nothing to short about. It was Pocahontas meets Dances with Wolves. White American guy comes to New World, white guy befriends native, white guys accepted as one of the natives, white guy falls in love with native princess, white guy betrays own race, and white guys fights against white race.

 I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

Still, James Cameroon (that's the director of this movie) doesn't disappoint. There were bucket loads of details and James Cameroon style of action and romance. There was no dull moment. Everything scene was beautifully directed.

 This mount costs 1000G

The conclusion is that this is a satisfying movie. Best and longest CGI in the town. This movie is recommended for watching.

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